History of Hancock, Maine
A Gazetteer of the
State of Maine

By Geo. J. Varney
Published by B. B. Russell, 57 Cornhill,
Boston 1886

Hancock is situated in the southern part of Hancock County, between Taunton Bay on the east, and Skilling Bay on the west. It is about 30 miles south-east of Bangor, and the northern part of its western line rests upon Ellsworth. The surface of the town is generally even, and it has a larger proportion of arable land than any other in the country. The kine are mostly Jerseys, and shorthorn and Ayr. shire crosses. There is a marked neatness about the buildings which tells of industry and thrift. Two of the streams, Kilkenny and Egypt, have suflicient power to turn mills.

Geologically, this is a younger town than most of its neighbors, having evidently not emerged from the waters until the close of the drift period. The course of the glacier and drift markings here range from N. 5° W. to N. 15° E. The “level” at North Hancock suggests the probability of its having been an ancient lake bottom. The southern portion, known as “Crabtree’s Neck,” offers attractions as a summer resort. The villages are Hancock, and North and South Hancock. There is one mill manufacturing staves, shingles and long lumber, and one producing staves and short lumber. Other manufactures are boots and shoes and wagons and sleighs. The inhabitants, especially those of the Neck, are largely engaged in Grand Bank fishing and with profit, notwithstanding some heavy losses,

Hancock was incorporated in 1828, having been formed from parts of Sullivan, Trenton and Number 8. The pioneer settlers came in 1764—5. They were Oliver Wooster, Agreen Crabtree, Thomas McFarland, Thomas Roger, and Joseph Googins. In 1766—8 came Philip Hodgkins, Reuben Abbot, Thomas Moon, and Richard Clark.

The town furnished 115 men for the Union cause in the war of the Rebellion, paying bounty to the amount of $16,900. The three churches in town are all Baptist. Hancock has six public schoolhouses, and its school property is valued at $3,500. Tbe valuation of estates in 1870 was $163,904. In 1880 it was $177,534. The population in 1870 was 974. In the census of 1880 it was 1,093.

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