History of Levant, Maine
A Gazetteer of the
State of Maine

By Geo. J. Varney
Published by B. B. Russell, 57 Cornhill,
Boston 1886

Levant is an agricultural town located in the middle of the southern section of Penobscot County. It is 8 miles from Bangor, on the “Avenue Road” to Exeter. The surrounding towns are Corinth on the north, Kenduskeag and Glenburn on the east, Carmel and Hermon on the south, and Stetson on the west. The surface is uneven, yet without high hills. The soil is fertile, and suitably rewards thc tiller. The thriftiness of the town is apparent to all who allow them. selves the pleasure of a drive over its main roads. The Little Kenduskeag, or Black Stream, is the principal water-course, pursuing a widely winding way from west to east through the town. The powers on this stream are known as Wiggin’s Mill, at Levant village, where there are board, shingle and lath machines; ‘Weston’s Mills, at South Levant, where there are board, clapboard, shingle and lath machines, and a grist-mill; on the Horseback Road, is a shingle mill; ‘White’s Mill, at West Levant, where there is a board and shingle mill; Emerson’s Mill, in the west part of the town, where there is a saw-mill. Another local name for West Levant is “Rogers’ Stand.”

The first settlers were ‘William and George Tebbets, and Messrs. Boobar and Knowland, who came in some time prior to 1800. In 1801 Major Moses Hodsdon settled at what is now Kenduskeag Village, but was then a part of Levant; where, in the following year, he erected a saw and grist-mill, three dwelling-houses, a store and blacksmith-shop, which were the first framed buildings within the town. Major Hodsdon was largely engaged in surveying; and his brothers soon followed him to this place, adding much impulse to business. The titles of the settlers to their lands were from William Wetmore, who had purchased a tract here of the Commonwealth in 1792. The plantation name was Kenduskeag, which it retained until its incorporation as a town, June 14, 1813. A corner, including the village of Kenduskeag, was set off 1852, to form a part of the new town of Kenduskeag.

Levant has Baptist, Methodist and Union churches. The number of public schoolhouses is seven. The value of the entire school property is $3,400. The valuation of estates in 1870 was $277,449. In 1880 it was $282,149. The population in 1870 was 1,159. In 1880 it was 1,076.

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