Historical Sketch of Mechanic Falls, Maine
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THE enterprising village of Mechanic Falls is composed partly of the territory of Poland and Minot, and its history is largely contained in that of the two latter. The Minot part was first settled in 1836, by Dean Andrews, who was shortly followed by Peter Thayer, Amos Chapman, Eli Washburne and others. This section. grew up very rapidly, owing to its fine soil, and the mercantile and manufacturing privileges afforded by the river. The Poland section was first settled in 1830, by Mr. Jordan, who began to utilize the great timber resources of the region for his logging business. He was soon followed by Isaiah Perkins and others. The Little Androscoggin runs through the town, dividing it in two, and from the beginning has been a great advantage and stimulator of growth. Since the Grand Trunk Railway was built, running through the village, growth in all directions has been very marked. The expansion of business interests in the last few decades has been continuous and rapid, as the great water privileges and other local attractions have become more widely known. At the present time the leading business enterprises are in the line of canned goods, paper manufacturing, bricks, novelties, confectionery, corn packing, carriages, tools, machines, steam engines and boilers, beside the retail trade in dry and staple articles. The present local government is divided between that of Poland and Minot, the nucleus and center of the commercial interests of this locality being situated at Mechanic Falls. For Minot section the following were in 1888 the town officers: Selectman, 0. N. Bailey; Town Clerk and Treasurer, C. H. Dwinall. For the Poland section: Selectman, Charles E. Stevens; Town Clerk, Treasurer and Collector, Zenas Lane. There are two churches in Mechanic Falls, one Congregationalist and the other Universalist. The religious and benevolent interests of the town are carefully and generously supported and provided for. The educational interests also receive the thorough and adequate attention they deserve, the schools being maintained at a high standard, and having a wide reputation for their efficiency and success. The town, also, has two lawyers, who take charge of the legal affairs of this vicinity. The sanitarycondition of the town is exceptionally good, and the great natural advantages which Mechanic Falls possesses render its business success and advancement assured. As its opportunities and attractions become more widely known to the business men of New England, it is sure to increase what is already widely admitted, that it is among the most prominent and promising of the progres sive, enterprising towns and villages of Androscoggin County.

Since the War the material progress of the town has been continuous and marked. The business interests of the town have been developed and now promise richer returns in the immediate future. The water-power of the town is good and will admit of large development beyond the present need and utilization. All the departments of the town life are vigorously and well conducted, the local government and officials are characterized by efficiency and reliability; all measures for local improvement are rapidly and thoroughly executed. The sanitary condition of the town is most satisfactory, the educational interests are also administered with customary care and good results, and the social life of the town is characterized by the purity, refinement and hospitality of the ideal New England town. The religious life is also active and successfully engaged in every kind of good work.

The town offers many attractions to the summer visitor. Situated in one of the quietest and most beautiful regions of the State, easily reached by railroad, with all the facilities of the post-office service, pure country air, and other advantages, it presents the conveniences of city life in union with those of the country. Its streets are broad and shady, the surrounding country full of charming retreats and able to provide plenty of occupation for the rod and gun. The rates are of the moderate type, and we cannot doubt, as the annual tide of summer visitors over the Garden State increases, a larger number of them will come this way.

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