Register of Greene, Maine
The Town Register of
Wayne, Wales, Monmouth, Leeds & Green, Maine
Compiled by: Mitchell and Gott
Published by The H. E. Mitchell Co.
Brunswick, Maine 1905



1775— Benj. Ellingwood made the first clearing within the present town and in 1775 is said to have raised a good crop of corn.
1785-88— Many veterans of the Revolution took up lots in "Lewistin."
1786— First public school in town taught by Capt. John Daggett.
1788— Town of Greene incorporated June 18, from the northern part of Lewiston. First Meeting held August 29, at the house of Samuel arid Eli Herrick.
1790—Four school districts laid out in town.
1793— New Baptist Church used for town purposes.
1796—Greene postoffie, the first within tbe limits of this county, established April 1.
1805—Four burying grounds laid out in Greene.
1849—Postffice established at Greene Corner.
l850—Orcharding began to be the chief industry in town.
l872—Cemetery at the Corner enlarged and beautified. 1883—North Greene postoffice established June 18.
1888—Centennial Celebration held on Daggett’s Hill August 23.


Benj. Ellingwood, first settler, about 1775; Benj. Merrill, North Yarmouth, 1775; Dea. Lemuel Cummings, North Yarmouth; Capt. John Daggett, Charleston, Mass., 1786; Thos. Taylor, 1780; Joseph, Eli and Samuel Herrick, Methuen, Mass., 1780; The Larrabee family, Yarmouth, Stephen Larrabee; Benjamin Rackley, Yarmouth; Abner Brown; William Coburn, Dracut, Mass., and sons, Jesse, Eliphalet, Joshua, William and Joel, about 1783; John Mower, Chariton, Mass., 1786; Jonathan Mower, Chariton, Mass., 1786; Thomas Stevens, Chariton, Mass., 1786; Benj. Alden, Connecticut, soon after the Revolution; Luther Robbins, Hanover, Mass., 1788; Bradford Rose, Taunton, Mass., 1789; Simeon Rose, Taunton, Mass., 1790; John Allen, Turner, 1790; Elisha Keen, 1790; William Sawyer, Wells, 1791; Zebedee Shaw, Middleborough, Mass., 1790; John, Silas, Moses and Barron Harris, before 1795; Daniel Wilkins, Dracut, Mass., about 1792; John Moulton, Batcheler Stetson, New Gloucester, 1791; Benj. Parker, Freeport, 1800; James Lamb, 1800; Samuel Chad bourn, Wells, 1800; Thos. Longley, Waterford, 1804; David Thompson, Lewiston; Capt. David Hopper, Freeport, 1807; Nath. Hill, Wells, 1808; Elijah Barrell, Paris, 1814; Dr. Alfred Pierce, 1817; Silas Richardson, Dracut, Mass., Hannibal Farwell, Vassalboro, 1817. The above include practically all the early settlers who were at all permanent in their settlement.


Rev. James Potter, first preacher. Church organized 1793, with 25 members. Rev. Lemuel Jackson,first pastor, 1797; Leniuel Cummings, first deacon and an early leader. First meeting house built about 1794. PASTORS:—Rev. Thos. Wyman, 1808-09; Rev. John Daggett, 1810-20; Rev. Daniel Pierce, 1825; Revs. David Nutter, Reuben Ball, Samuel Fogg, D. P. Bailey, from 1825 to 1835; Phineas Pillsbury, 1839-40; Martin Byrne, Cyrus Case, Arthur Drinkwater, W. T. Sargent, 1857-64; David Nutter, T. W. Emerson, Dr. Wilson, (1868); Converse R. Daggett, 1872-75; C. M. Emery, 1878-82; O. Richardson, 1882-85; Robert Scott, 1886-91; E. A. Cranston, 1893; J. R. Herrick, 1895-96; W. C. Wescott, 1897-99; George Hill, 1901-05.


Organized April 7, 1826, Rev. Samuel Robbins, preacher. First meeting house built in the west part of the town near the river, in 1828. Society re-organized in 1856 with 22 members. Church erected 1878. Among the pastors have been Rev. Mr. Robbins, Gideon Perkins, E. G. Eaton, Jairus Fuller, Mark Getchell and other early pastors; those since 1875 have been Revs. A. S. Prescott, C. R. Daggett, George W. Gould; F. H. Peckharn, 1895-99; E. J. Hatch, R. S. White, C. M. C. Selinger, 1904.


Meeting house erected in 1827-28. Religious society organized April 23, 1831. Re-organized 1879. Pulpit now vacant.


Society in the Northern part of town. Rev. C. R. Daggett, local preacher for many years. Recent pastors: Revs. C. D. Blaisdell, 1892; G. C. Powers, 1894; F. H. Hill, 1895; E. S. Cudworth, 1897; A. C. Cook, 1903; G. O. Pinkham, 1905; one pastor generally serving until the appointment of his successor.


Duane Mower, 1850-53; Silas Sprague, 1854-55; Henry P. Curtis, 1856-59; F. N. Mower, 1860-61; H. P. Curtis, 1862; A. P. Mower, 1863; F. N. Mower, 1864; A. Pierce, 1865-77; H. H. Burbank, 1878-83; A. Pierce, 1884; Thos. G. Pratt, 1885; W. H. Thomas, 1886-88; William Sprague, 1889-1903; O. E. Hanscom, 1904-05.


1850—Augustus Sprague, Harrison Rose, Isaac Jennings.
1851—Benjamin Allen, Harrison Rose, Tristram Hill.
1852—Benjamin Allen. Harrison Rose, Joel Weymouth.
1853—Benjamin Allen, William A. Herrick, Joel Weymouth.
1854—Tristram Hill, Eliphalet Coburn, Augustus Sprague.
1855—Daniel L. Weymouth, Lewis Gilbert, Leonard Mower.
1856—William S. Parker, Stephen W. Sylvester, Zelotes R. Additon.
1857—Tristram Hill, Harrison Rose, John Stevens.
1858—Tristram Hill, Daniel L. Weymouth, Silas Sprague.
1859—Harrison Rose, John E. Sawyer, Henry H. Bates.
1860—Harrison Rose, John E. Sawyer, Henry H. Bates.
1861—Leonard Mower, John Stevens, John M. Robbins.
1862—Harrison Rose, Aaron Winslow, Charles M. Washburn.
1863—Aaron Winslow, D. L. Weymouth, John E. Sawyer.
1864—D. L. Weymouth, H. H. Bates, Z. A. Gilbert.
1865—Tristram Hill, C. M. Washburn, D. L. Weymouth.
1866—Tristram Hill, Josiah Mower, William M. Longley.
1867—William M. Longley, Tristram Hill, Greenleaf Parker.
1868—William M. Longley, Simeon C. Wiley, Charles M. Washburn.
1869—Augustus Sprague, Charles M. Washburn, Andrew J. Harris.
1870—Tristram Hill, C. M. Washburn, Hayden Bigelow.
1871—H. Rose, C. M. Washburn, A. J. Harris.
1872—William Sprague, D. O. Libby, John L. Howe.
1873-76—Harrison Rose, Charles M. Washburn, Andrew J. Harris.
1877—Harrison Rose, E. L. Mower, A. J. Harris.
1878—F. N. Mower, E. L. Mower, C. M. Washburn.
1879-85—Charles M. Washburn, Frank N. Mower, Andrew J. Harris.
1886-88—Z. A. Gilbert, H. II. Coburn, G. E. Fogg.
1889—V. H. Sprague, Eli Hodgkins, John W. Moulton.
1890-91—Eli Hodgkins, H. H. Coburn, J. S. Weymouth.
1892—Eli Hodgkins, J. S. Weymouth, C. S. Stetson.
1893-94—J. S. Weymouth, C. S. Stetson, B. G. Hill.
1895-96—C. S. Stetson, H. H. Coburn, Wm. E. Longley.
1897—H. H. Coburn, C. M. Washburn, Geo. E. Fogg.
1898—H. H. Coburn, C. M. Washburn, J. F. Wilkins.
1899-1900—H. H. Coburn, C. M. Washburn, 0. W. Larrabee.
1901—C. M. Washburn, O. W. Larrabee. B. B. Wiley.
1902—J. S. Weymouth, Eli Hodgkins, B. B. Wiley.
1903—O. W. Larrabee, P. B. Wiley, C. M. Washburn.
1904-05—O. W. Larrabee, C. M. Washburn, R. R. Coburn.


The following were in the colonial service in the Revolution prior to their settlement in Greene: Col. Wm. Sprague, Col. Jabez Bates, Capt. John Daggett, Capt. Ichabod Phillips, Jarius Phillips, Luther Robbins, Jno. and Samuel Mower, Thos. More, Geo. Berry, Jno. Allen, Jos. McKenuey, Benj. Alden, Ezekiel Hackett, Bachelor Stetson, and Benj. Quimby.


A. I. Additon, C. H. Additon, S. W. Adams, Stiliman Bond, J. S. Bordwell, A. H. Briggs, J. T. Beal, M. G. Beal, C. A. Bradbury, C. B. Beal, B. S. Bradbury, J. S. Brown, S. B. Cummings, A. I. Clark, L. C. Chadbourne, Daniel Canlon, William Clark, Geni. A. S. Daggett, E. P. Dyer, C. R. Daggett, A. N. Dexter, William Donnell, C. C. Gorman, V. P. Dillingham, B. A. Eaton, D. P. Eaton, Francis Evans, H. T. Frost, 0. W. Frost, Almon Fogg, Orrin Furbush, C. A. Fogg, James Ferguson, H. M. Gould, F. J. Gurney, Ezekiel Hackett, Dennis Harris, O. W. Hackett, W. S. Hill, William Johnson, John Knowles, S. K. Knox, Jacob Kimball, G. A. Knox, William Kelley, Nathaniel Lovejoy, Jr., G. P. Lowell, H. B. Lowell, J. R. Lowell, J. M. Lowell, C. H. Lowell, Henry Lane, W. E. Longley, C. W. Longfellow, A. P. Mower, Aaron Mower, L. M. Mower, J. H. Mower, E. S. Mower, B. F. Mower, J. C. Mower, W. F. Mower, C. H. Morse, Edwin Moulton, W. S. Wright, G. W. McKenney, W. H. Michaels, T. H. Mower, Alden Moulton, A. N. G. Moulton, E. H. Nason, William Needham, C. H. Pratt, T. G. Pratt, Jabez Pratt, J. P. Pratt, L. S. Patten, T. W. Parker, Darius Pease, Ellery Perea, Harland Page, John Philpot, Thomas Quinn, W. F. Record, E. R. Record, Henry Ricker, J. M Robbins, Chas. Richardson, Alfred Richardson, T. S. Rose, I. G. Rackley, John Ready, W. H. Starbird, H. S. Stuart, J. H. Stevens, C. P. Stevens, William Stevens, W. C. Stevens, H. A. Smith, Henry Sanboru, Gardner Smith, A. G. Stuart, Henry Spaulding, E. W. Taylor, E. P. Wardwell, George Wentworth, B. P. Winston, J. U. Winslow.


The following men have either located here for the practice of medicine or are natives of Greene who have become successful in its practice elsewhere: Dr. Alfred Pierce, Ruggles Sylvester, Allen Phillips, H. L. K. Wiggin, Alonzo Herrick, Sewall Allen, Lewis Beals, Greenlief D. Daggett, Geo. Dearborne, John F. Pratt, Thos. J. Crossman, W. Scott Hill, Holman Jennings, Albion Pierce, Geo. L. Peaslee, Frank E. Sleeper, H. H. Purington, L. S. Lombard, L. O. Cobb and 0. E. Hanscom, the last now in practice here.

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