Register of Leeds, Maine
The Town Register of
Wayne, Wales, Monmouth, Leeds & Green, Maine
Compiled by: Mitchell and Gott
Published by The H. E. Mitchell Co.
Brunswick, Maine 1905



1780-81-This land was surveyed by the proprietors of the Pejepseot Claim. Thomas and Roger Stinchfield made first settlement in 1780.
1790-Or thereabouts. The first saw-mill in town was built by John Jennings, at West Leeds.
1801-Plantation of Littleborough incorporated a town by name of Leeds, Feb. 16. First town meeting held at house of Solomon Millett, April 6.
1802-A portion of Livermore annexed to Leeds.
1809-Strip 160 rods wide along line annexed to Leeds from Monmouth.
1810-The Beech-Hill section set off from Leeds and annexed to Wayne.
1822-First postoffice established in Leeds, at Lothrop's Corner.
1826-North and South Leeds postoffices established.
1828-Postoffice established at West Leeds.
1850-Leeds Station postoffice established, changed to Leeds Jet. in 1859.
1850-51-The Androscoggin railroad was built through Leeds to Livermore Falls.
1852-Portion of Leeds set off to Wales.
1853-Curtis Corner postoffice established.


The following is a list of men who petitioned for the incorporation of a town, January, 1800. Isaac Collier, Stephen Welcome, Josiah Turner, Morgan Brewster, Samuel Strong, John Jennings, Zoar Sampson, Beriab Sampson, James Sampson, Simon Wood, Jr., Jacob Bailey, John Bates, Levi Bates, Nat'l House, Jr., Elias Lane, Bachier Wing, Nat'l Owen, Joseph Mitchell, Daniel Lane, Peter Lane, Oliver Randall, Abiel Dailey, Ephraim Andrews, Amos Beany, Joshua Barry, Stephen Foster, Solomon Millet, Thos. Addison, Thos. Francis, Eleazar Rand, Thos. Epes, Oliver Otis, Jamey Lain, Andrew Cushman, Jas. S. Panley, Cornelius Gilbert, Jonathan Fish, Richard Higgins, Giddins Lane, Dani. Lane, Jr., Obadiah Pettingill, Wm. Turner, Wm. Pettingill, Thos. Lindsay, Fish, Dani. Robins, Thos. Millet, David Woodman, Rogers Stenchfield, Samuel Gilbert, Benj. Gilbert, Micah Sampson, Heircy Gilbert, Wm. Gilbert, Edward Bailey, Beriah Sampson, Jr., Joseph Bishop, Dan'l Lothrop, Jr., Geo. Turner, Sullivan Lothrop, Dan'l Lothrop, Geo. Lothrop, Jacob Day.


"Church of Christ" constituted at Leeds Center, in June, 1800. Elder Thomas Francis, pastor. First Baptist Society, inc. 1804, 30 members. Meeting house completed, 1806. Mr. Francis remained pastor until his death in 1836. Followed by frequent changes. Pastors since 1870 :-Revs. S. S. Brownson, 1870-73; Abram Snyder, 1876-86; J. R. Herrick, 1888-92; Robert Scott, 1892-95; J. B. Bryant, 1896; E. H. Doane, 1899-1900; U. W. Small is local preacher.

THE SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH and society was organized in 1843, erected meeting house at South Leeds. Rev. Walter Foss, only pastor, became dormant about 1872.


Rev. Jesse Lee preached here Dec. 23, 1794. Class formed about 1795. No early records. Class formed on Quaker Ridge, by Rev. John Allen, 1838. Meeting house erected, 1851. Other classes formed in various parts of the town. Chapel at Keen's Corner erected 1891. Pastors since 1880:-Revs. Greenwood Gordon, J. P. Cole, Rev. Mr. Clifford, C. R. Daggett. J. P. Roberts, W. H. Congdon, Joseph Moulton, Isaac Beals, C. D. Blaisdell, C. H. Williams, F. W. Smith, F. H. Billington, F. H. Hill, E. S. Cudworth, A. C. Cook, G. 0. Pinkham.

North Leeds, connected with Wayne circuit.

A UNIVERSALIST SOCIETY was organized in town March 13, 1830, with sixty members. Rev, Thomas Doloff early preacher. Meetings are now held during the summer season only.


Church organized at North Leeds, Feb. 11, 1829, by Elder Abizer Bridges. In 1836 it reached a membership of 75. Union Chapel erected on that date, dedicated Nov. 16. There were eight members in 1891. Rev. Greenwood C. Gordon pastor.


The Quaker Society erected a house of worship on Quaker Ridge in 1807. House later removed one mile west, near their cemetery. Later still moved again farther west. Supporters removed from town, among them the Baileys who moved to Winthrop. About 1869 the house was sold and torn down.

CLERKS- 1850-1905.

1850, Friend D. Lord; 1851-53, Franklin B. Leonard; 1854-57, John Turner; 1858-62, Gessius F. Jennings; 1863-65, Davis Francis; 1866-68, Joseph G. Gott; 1869-78, John Turner; 1879, Charles H. Foster; 1880, Wm. R. Pettingill; 1881-82, Chas. H. Foster; 1883, Gustavus W. Lane; 1884-1901, R. S. Loring; 1902, M. L. Sawtelle; 1903, N. P. Gould; 1904-05, King Bartlett.

TREASURERS- 1850-1905.

1850, Josiah Day; 1851-55, John Gilmore; 1856-62, Issacher Lane; 1863-76, Benjamin Francis; 1877-78, Davis Francis; 1879-80, Seth Howard; 1881-83, G. W. Lane; 1884-85, Seth Howard; 1886-87, Benjamin Turner; 1888, G. A. Jennings; 1889-91, T. S. Carver, 1892, Seth Howard; 1893, C. B. Lane; 1894, Fred Perry; 1895, C. A. Jennings; 1896-1900, T. H. Boothby; 1901, D. P. True; 1902-04, H. W. Ryder; 1905, L. L. Russell.

SELECTMEN- 1850-1905.

1850-Peleg B. Caswell, S. L. Howard, Geo. K. Stinchfield.
1851-S. L. Howard, C. K. Stincbfield, Davis F. LothFop.
1852-Josiah Day, Cyrus Bates, Francis D. Millett.
1853-54-Harvey Bates, S. L. Howard, I. T. Boothby.
1855-S. L. Howard, Salmon Brewster, Uriah Foss.
1856-57-Uriah Foss, P. B. Caswell, I. B. Additon.
1858-P. B. Caswell, Isaac Boothby, Oscar P. Turner.
1859-60-I. B. Additon, O. P. Turner, Augustus Ramsdeli.
1861-P. B. Caswell, Lloyd Gould, Samuel More.
1862-Benj. Francis, G. C. Gordon, Benj. Hodsdon.
1863-Beuj. Hodsdon, G. C. Gordon, Arza C. Lothrop.
1864-Seth Howard, Benj. Turner, Henry F. Woodman.
1865-S. L. Howard, Utiah Foss, Davis Francis.
1866-S. L. Howard, Davis Francis, Benj. Hodsdon.
1867-A. C. Lothrop, Freeman Andrews, Aaron Winslow.
1868-A. C. Lothrop, Benj. Francis, Benj. Hodsdon.
1869-A. C. Lothrop, Benj. Francis, G. C. Cordon.
1870-I. B. Additon, G. F. Jennings, Thos. S. Carver.
1871-78-I. B. Additon, T. S. Carver, A. J. Foss.
1879-80-I. B. Additon, Wm. B. Sumner, J. F. Jennings.
1881-82-1. B. Additon, W. B. Sumner, W. H. Francis.
1883-I. B. Additoii, J. F. Jennings, Jos. Moody.
1884-85-Chas. A. Lovejoy, J. F. Jennings, Jos. Moody.
1886-87-C. A. Lovejoy, H. F. Pettingill, Jos. Moody.
1888-C. A. Lovejoy, Cyrus B. Lane, Geo. T. Bishop.
1889-92-C. B. Lane, G. T. Bishop, G. A. Jennings.
1893-95-G. T. Bishop, E. V. Daly, C. T. Howe.
1896-97-E. V. Daly, W. P. Foss, S. Homer Deane.
1898-99-Geo. Parcher, F. L. Additon, S. H. Deane.
1900-01-F. L. Additon, S. H. Deane, A. T. Barker.
1902-04-E. V. Dailey, W. P. Foss, H. L. Grant.
1905-Eben E. Rand, H. F. Mitchell, Lot Howard.


Albin Morris, Gen'l O. O. Howard, Gen'l. Chas. H. Howard, Russell Carver, Page T. Francis, Jason Carver, Lloyd B. Caswell, Francis George, John C. Keene, Levi R. Bates, Henry S. Turner, Benj. Woodman, Corp. Elisha K. Marui, Henry O. Fabyan, Walter W. Boothby, Capt. Dexter W. Howard, Jos. O. Sturtevant, Jeremiah Day, Corp. Chas. H. Bodge, John B. Jennings, M. F. Cushman, Jas. W. Libby, Franklin Peare, Albert M. Rose, John Q. Robbins, Wansbrow Turner, John C. Gifford, Henry Hackins, Augustus S. George, Otis B. George, Enoch T. Fish, Frank White, Dan'l Brown, Jas. D. Towle, Lieut. Jordan D. Carvill, Azel A. Burnham, Capt. Jas. W. Libby, Jas. Carver, Stephen W. Grant, Geo. E. Gilbert, Lloyd A. Gilbert, David Morse, Ser. Herbery Hunton, John P. R. Sleeper, Alonzo Impy, Corp. Jos. G. Lamb, Chas. R. Berry, John A. Burnham, Eben Curtis, 2nd., Geo. E. Hussey, Rollin F. Jennings, George Peare, Samuel W. Pettingill, Granville Richmond, Wm. W. Wheeler, Wm. Doyle, Thos. L. Bubier, Addison D. Gilbert, Calvin B. Keene, Winslow Turner, Ser. Chas. H. Leadbetter, Ser. Oscar D. Turner, Ser. Albert Barker, Corp. Loring P. Gould, Corp. Sewall Woodman, Corp. Geo. T. Bishop, Seth F. Burnham, Milton W. Burnham, Joseph H. Burnham, Russell L. Gould, Daniel W. Hinkley, Chas. T. Knights, Lorenzo Leadbetter, Frank J. Lindsey, Corp. Thos. J. Lindsey, Rufus K. Peare, Ireson B. Petterigill, Elisha P. Ramsdell, John R. Smith, Joshua H. Sumner, John E. Woodman, Corp. Henry T. Frost, Jas. H. Gardner, Henry Shea, Isaac T. Boothby, Joseph M. Curtis, Willard J. Fish, Albert F. Gilmore, Wm. O. Parlin, Caleb W. Battles, Erastos E. Gilbert, Warren Sturtevant, Wm. Morton, Roscoe G. Beals, Ser. Volney H. Foss, Lucius C. Robbins, Corp. Leonard L. Rose, Levi W. Wheeler, Seth G. Rose, J. S. Dow, Salmon C. Brewster, Lendall S. Caswell, Corp. E. Riley Bishop, Chas. P. Knight, David E. Trask, Roscoe C. Lindsey, Orpheys M. Leonard.

U. S. Navy :-Everett Lindsey, Chas. F. Lindsey, Frank J. Lindsey, Daniel McDauiels, Doane S. Wing, John Baptiste, Timothy Connelly, Jas. A. Cronins, Levi C. Sumner, Clark R. Caswell, Jas Cullen, Chas. E. Johnson.

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