History of Roxbury, Maine
A Gazetteer of the
State of Maine

By Geo. J. Varney
Published by B. B. Russell, 57 Cornhill,
Boston 1886

Roxbury lies in the north-eastern part of the middle section of Oxford County, adjoining Franklin County. Byron bounds it on the north-west, Andover on the south-west, and Rumford and Mexico and Carthage on the south. Ellis Pond, the largest sheet of water, lies in the north-west corner, having Ellis River as an outlet. Swift River runs southward across the eastern part of the town. Old Turk is the highest of the several mountains, having an elevation of 1,436 feet. The eastern part of the town is largely occupied by a group of mountains, of which the most notable are Bear on the border line with Walker, Cave and Bunker mountains following to the river. In the north-east, Noisy Brook winds around the base of another to the river. In the south side of the middle of the town two mountains form the noted Roxbury Notch. Ellis Falls, in Andover, are near the western line of this town. The rock is chiefly granite. The soil of Roxbury is generally a gravelly loam, with some good low intervals. A tract in the western part of the town, and another extending in irregular form from the centre to the northern and eastern borders, are comparatively level. Pine, poplar, birch and maple are the principal forest trees. Much hay is raised here, finding a sale with the lumbermen; and considerable stock is kept also. The largest manufactory is a shoe shop, where one case of shoes a day is made. The buildings are not generally kept in the best repair, but the roads are of average quality. The nearest railroad stations are in Woodstock and Bethel,several about 20 miles distant. The town is on the stage-line from Mexico to Byron.

Roxbnry formerly No. 7 was incorporated March 17, 1835. The town sent 16 men to aid in the war for the Union, of whom 3 were lost. There are three public schoolhouses, and the school property is valued at $400. The population in 1870 was 162. In 1880 it was 175. The valuation in 1870 was $48,856. In 1880 it was $23,201.

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