History of Elkhart Township, Bates County, Missouri
From: History of Bates County, Missouri
By: W. O. Atkeson
Historical Publishing Company
Topeka - Cleveland 1918

Elkhart Township.

Elkhart lies east of West Point and may be said to be an interior township. It is watered by the Miami, Knabb's creek, and Lime branch, tributaries of the Miami.

Elkhart had few settlers prior to the war, and remained very sparsely settled until about 1866. It is more nearly level than any township in the county, and is little broken. Among those who are recalled as pioneers we mention Jesse Lovelace, Vinson Martin, Elias Barnett, Robert Clinging, Torraine Browning, John Ferguson, Richard Westover, A. J. Satterlee, Hugh Mills, Robert Evans, John Baker, and his sons, Griswold and James, and a man by the name of Montgomery who settled on the Raybourn place. Among the first permanent settlers were the Keatons. Wiles Keaton, of North Carolina, is said to have settled in what is now Elkhart in 1845, and Mrs. Keaton died there in 1847, leaving a numerous family, some descendants still residing in that vicinity.

After the war and between 1866 and 1869, the following located in different parts of the. township: F. A. Cox, P. A. Allen, I. N. Raybourn, Frank Evans, F. M. Neafus, Chas. Lee, W. B. Whetstone, William Tarr, Thadius Cowdry, John Nuble, and George Pubels. The first saw mill was built by Merrit Zinn & Co. about 1870.

What is known as Elkhart Postoffice, is about the center of the township, and is the community center of the township.

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