History of New Home Township, Bates County, Missouri
From: History of Bates County, Missouri
By: W. O. Atkeson
Historical Publishing Company
Topeka - Cleveland 1918

New Home Township.

The Marais des Cygnes river finds its tortuous way entirely through this township in a general southeasterly direction. Its bottoms are wide, rich and largely covered with valuable timber oak, hickory, pecan, elm, sycamore, cottonwood, etc. The only tributaries worth mentioning are Burnett's branch, Island slough, and Cottonwood branch. Formerly there were numerous lakes in the bottoms, but many have been drained and are no more.

Mark West appears to be the oldest settler. He came in 1834, and bought a claim in section 6, from Daniel Woodfin. Mrs. West was a daughter of Col. James Atten, who came to Harmony Mission in 1834. She died in 1842 while struggling with her husband to establish a pioneer home in an unsettled country. Mrs. Charlotte Miller was among the pioneers, settling in New Home in 1841. Jackson Wall came into this township some time:prior to 1843, and located near the center of the township on a high mound, and died there in 1849 or 1850. George W. Turner, of Virginia, came in 1843, and died before 1860. Jeremiah Burnett came in 1849. Daniel settled here before 1843, went west to California in 1849, and died there. Lewis and Levi Deweese came from North Carolina and settled in the township about 1841. The brothers both died and their widows returned to North Carolina. James Poag opened a claim prior to 1843 and O. H. P. Miller and William Powers were early settlers.

A man named Haymaker built a mill - saw and grist - on the Marais des Cygnes river about 1870, in section 6. It washed away in 1880 and nothing is left to mark the spot.

The village of New Home was founded in 1869, on the southwest quarter of section 20; township 39, range 32. Colonel, afterward Judge, Samuel F. Hawkins owned the town site, and built the first house in the town in 1870. J. E. Thomas built the first business house in the town in 1870. Hiram Slater was the blacksmith. Dr. P. E. Calmes was the first doctor. Dr. R. F. Hulett, now living at Galena, Missouri, came and opened an office in 1875. Edniond Cope was the first postmaster in 1873. Other merchants were Morlan Brothers, Fisher & Givens, and Fisher & Thomas.

Shobetown and Rively, once active mining towns, have passed away and are now enjoying the obscurity of all extinct villages.

Cornland, once an important trading point, on the Marais des Cygnes at the iron bridge on the road to Rich Hill, has ceased to be of commercial importance since Athol, a short distance away, became a stopping place for trains on the Missouri Pacific railroad.

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