History of Rockville Township, Bates County, Missouri
From: History of Bates County, Missouri
By: W. O. Atkeson
Historical Publishing Company
Topeka - Cleveland 1918

Rockville Township.

Rockville township is in the southeast corner of Bates county. It is mostly rolling to level, and is watered and drained by Panther, Camp and Shaw branches, flowing into Osage on the south line. Plenty of timber and fine soil. It is, according to the government soil surveyors elsewhere quoted in this work, the lowest area of the county, being about four hundred feet lower than West Boone township in the extreme northwest part of the county.

Robert Belcher settled in Rockville township in section 11, in 1838 and he died in 1856. A man by the name of Bridges, a blacksmith by trade, settled on the Osage river south of the town of Rockville about this time. William Anderson settled two and a half miles west of Rockville in 1837, and died in 1858. Berry Hunt, the first shoemaker, came in the fall of 1838, and settled on the river in the southeast corner of the county and township. Matt Millering and John N. Belcher came respectively in 1856 and 1855. William and Wiseman Hollingsworth were early settlers before the war, in the eastern part. David O. Deever, and his father and family; Frank Logan, John H. Walker, Thomas Belcher and William Shaw were all old settlers, and all came before the war.

The town of Rockville was laid out July 29, 1868 by William L. Hardesty on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad, and it has always enjoyed a good trade. It is the shipping point for a wide territory. The township and town seem to have derived their name from 'a great sandstone quarry which was largely worked in an early day not far from the town. It is excellent building stone and formerly was shipped all over the country; but in recent years seems to have been neglected. The town was incorporated in 1878, the first board of trustees being J. M. Boring, chairman; A. C. Wood, W. F. Fiquet, L. Johannes, and W. A. Cooper. It now has two banks, a high school, churches, a mill and elevators, and is a thrifty little town, largely surrounded by a good class of good American German farmers.

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