History of West Boone Township, Bates County, Missouri
From: History of Bates County, Missouri
By: W. O. Atkeson
Historical Publishing Company
Topeka - Cleveland 1918

West Boone Township.

West Boone is the northwest township of the county It is generally a high, rolling prairie, little broken by streams, and is practically the watershed of both the Mormon Fork and Miami creeks; the one running northeasterly into Grand river, and the other southeasterly into the Marais des Cygnes river. It is distinguished for being the highest elevation in Bates county, about 1,000 feet above sea level, or about 400 feet higher than the lowest levels in the county.

The first settlers in this township were Alexander, Wilson and Norris Feely, brothers, the former two coming in 1842 and Norris in 1849. It is recorded that "Alexander Feely served in 1861 as one of the county court judges, his associates being Edmund Bartlette and Samuel M. Pyle. He died August 27, 1877." Frank R Berry, a Kentuckian, came from Jackson county, Missouri, and settled on the head waters of Mormon Fork creek in an early day, and soon after a relative by the name of. T. E. Strode came and settled. near by. Then came Joseph Clyner, Joseph and J. P.Taylor, all early settlers, but the exact date is not known. Soon after the close of the Civil War, John S. Stewart, James A. Stewart, Jacob and William Groves, G. L. Sayles, J. N. White, A. Rosier, J. H. Boswell, R. M. Feely, W. B. Akin, Jesse Nave, John Riley, Luke Gage, O. W. Stitt, J. C. Berry, and George Karter, came and settled in this township.

The only mill erected, in the township was erected at the village of Rosier, now extinct, in the older days. Rosier was founded in 1881, and Bryant Brothers & McDaniel conducted a general merchandise store, and L. R. Robinson established a drug store about the same time.

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