History of University Place, Lancaster County, Nebraska
From: Lincoln the Capitol City and
Lancaster County, Nebraska
BY: Andrew J. Sawyer
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company
Chicago, Illinois 1916


The start of the Town of University Place was practically synonymous with the establishment of the Wesleyan Methodist University, an account of which is given elsewhere. The town was originally located upon university land. A partial list of the first settlers of the town is as follows: Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Simpson, 1889; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Butler, 1890; Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Thompson, 1890; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Clifton, 189o; Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCartney, 1890; Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Hullinger, Mrs Lulu Home, Henry Lee, J. W. Wharton, 1890; Mrs. Nelson Taylor, 1890; Mayme Taylor Hursh, 1890; Rev. and Mrs. H. L. Powers, 1891; M. V. B. Turner, 1888; Rev. and Mrs. James Leonard, 1897; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hursey, 1891; S. D. Fitchie, 1889:; H. Augusta Harris, 1874; H. M. Wineland, 1890; W. T. Good, 1892; E. E. Clifton, 1890; C. D. Rose, 1891; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mosely, 1890; R. O. Castle, 1890; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gardner, 1894; Rev. J. R. Gettys, 1892; Loyd B. Gettys, 1893; Frances Gettys, 1896; A. Handsaker, 1889; Helen Handsaker, 1889; Dora B. Horne, 1892; Prof. and Mrs. F. A. Alabaster, 1893; C. L. Mitchell, 1892; Mrs. Anna Riggs, 1892; Mrs. G. A. Smith, 1890; Mary Alene Smith, 1890; Rude Daily, Jr., 1892; Alva Campbell, 1888. An old settlers' association was formed in University Place on April 27, 1916.

The First National Bank of University Place was organized May 12, 1905, with a capital of $25,000.00. Charles G. Anderson was the first president; Dr. D. W. C. Huntington, vice president; E. S. Kirtland, cashier; M. E. Burke, assistant cashier. The present officers are: B. H. Schaberg, president; E. A. Currier, vice president; G. E. Currier, cashier; Ralph Currier, assistant cashier. E. J. Hainer, C. H. Roper and M. Weil complete the board of directors. The capital is $40,000.00, the surplus $10,000.00, and deposits over $120,000.00.

The Citizens State Bank of University Place is an institution established in 1908, three years after the First National Bank. The officers of this bank are: E. E. Butler, president; J. S. Hole, vice president; C. E. Staley, cashier; and R. R. Ward, assistant cashier. The capital stock now is $30,000.00; the surplus, $2,100.00; and the deposits average over $100,000.00. Both of the banks in University Place hold a well merited reputation with the people as being solid and strong financial institutions.

One of the largest business enterprises in University Place is the Claflirk Printing Company, which was started by J. L. Claflin in 1904. In 1909 a stock company was formed and continued to the present day. Besides a regular job printing business, the company publishes a weekly paper called the News, the Union Worker which is the state paper for the Women's Christian Temperance Union, the university publications, and The Teacher. A singular feature of the Claflin Printing Company is that all of the stock is owned by the employes and owners of the plant.

The University Place Telephone Company was incorporated July 8, 1907.

The Windom Bank, now out of existence, was started on April 4, 1891, with $25000.00 capital stock. LeGrand M. Baldwin, George H. Clark and John C Allen were the head of the enterprise.

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