History of Waverly, Lancaster County, Nebraska
From: Lincoln the Capitol City and
Lancaster County, Nebraska
BY: Andrew J. Sawyer
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company
Chicago, Illinois 1916


The Town of Waverly is located on section 16, Waverly Precinct, and is about twelve miles northeast of Lincoln. The early settlement of this town dates back to a few years before the completion of the B. & M. Railroad through the precinct in 1871. John S. Green. the first permanent settler, located here in 1869. In 1874 he constructed a store and John Berg started a blacksmith shop soon afterwards. Mr. Berg was the second settler in Waverly, and James Schofield came next, the latter becoming one of the most prominent citizens. Walker and Schofield opened the first general store in the town. A. Cook and son were also early comers to the community in the spring of 1874; they established a lumber yard. The postoffice of Waverly was started in 1871, with John S. Green the first postmaster.

There were three grist mills near the town in the early '80s. One of them was located 1 1/2 miles north of town and was built by John Hellman, and derived its water power from Salt Creek. On Rock Creek, northeast of Waverly, Samuel Atkinson had a mill, also D. L. Bundy. The Cook elevator had a capacity of 12,000 bushels. The Town of Waverly was laid out by D. N. and Sophia Smith and the survey made by M. Willsie. The plat was filed for record on October 8, 1870.

The Bank of Waverly was started in 1885 and incorporated in 1890 by N. H. Meeker and J. T. Beale. The bank has survived the several storms which have wrecked other banks of the state in the past years and is still in existence, doing a strong business and enjoying a great popularity. R. M. Beale is the president of the institution and H. S. Beale is the cashier. The capital stock is $10,000; the surplus, $2,500; and the deposits, $12,000. The Lancaster County Bank at Waverly is a comparatively new institution, but has been singularly successful. The officers are: G. R. Buckner, president; George H. Danforth, vice president; and R. L. Tiger, cashier. The capital is $10,000; the surplus, $2,500; and the deposits, $130,000. The bank was started in 1907.

The Congregational Church of Waverly was first incorporated December 9, 1878, by A. McMurray, David Hedges, S. Rogers, Charles M. Headrick, Jacob B. Linninger. The church was reincorporated February 10, 1881, by Rev. E. çressman and wife, E. O. Wart, mother and wife, Marion McMurray, William McMurray, Albert McMurray and wife, David Hedges, John Reitz, Jennie Irwin, Ella Rogers, Eva Rogers, William Mocroft, Herbert Mocroft, E. P. Fruit, Mary Mocroft, Edwin Post and wife, Charles Post, Ida P., Delia P., J. G. E., Henry E., and Mrs. James Walker. The Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was formed by Prof. Samuel Aughey of Lincoln and Reverend Kuhlmann, the latter a missionary preacher. The former held religious services in Waverly for a number of years, but it was not until July, 1880, that a regular pastor was engaged in the person of Rev. M. L. Melick. The first church building was completed in 1881. Jonathan, Samuel, and David Reitz. Jeremiah Heilman and Franklin Fisher were among the original members. The Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated December 4, 1882. It was organized August 29, 1882, at a quarterly conference of the Waverly charge. William Hotaling was elected secretary and Harry Wells, W. H. Worley. M. B. Bainbridge, Phipps Opp and Henry Sudduth, trustees. The Church of Christ, Scientist, was organized September 9, 1902, at the residence of T. J. Beale.

There is one newspaper, published at Lincoln by the Interstate Company, called the Watchman, which devotes a small space to the Waverly interests.

The first hotel in the town was constructed in 1874 at a cost of $1,600.

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