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Hampton. was set off from Newton township in. March, 1864. It was named from Jonathan Hampton - he who gave the land for the court-house at Newton, and by whose efforts and influence that place was preferred, before Stiliwater, for the county seat.

It has Prankford on the north, Newton and Andover on the south, Lafayette on the east, Stillwater and Green on the west. Toward the north-west, as you approach the Blue Mountains, the surface becomes very rugged and hilly. The only villages are Balesville and Washingtonville, about a mile apart in the northern portion. The sole occupation of the people is farming and grazing, though the Paulinskill, which passes through it, affords excellent power.

The township contains 12,943 acres, and, according to the Assessor’s Report for 1871, the total valuation of Taxable property was $90,990.


This village was originally called Halsey’s Cdrner, but for the past twenty years has been known by its present name. It is situatedtbree miles north of Newton. Case’s Hotel, the only hotel in the township, was built in 1848, by Sylvester P. Case, who kept it seven years when Mr. Benjamin S. Case became owner of the property, and, for the last twenty-three years, has been its proprietor. There is also in this place a a small grocery, wheelwright's and a blacksmith’s shop. There are, besides, twelve or thirteen houses, with a population of about sixty. There is a school-house with an average attendance of fifty scholars.


Is a post village situated about a mile north-west of Washingtonville, on the Paulinskill. It was first settled in about the year 1800, by Henry and Peter Bale, and one or two others. At this time, however, the small mill, recently burnt down, was in operation. Immediately after their arrival they erected a larger grist-mill, a saw-mill, and a blacksmith’s shop, which was worked by Peter Bale.

In about the year 1820, a woolen manufactory was built, and for two or three years turned out large quantities of woolen cloth. Since that time it has been used simply for a carding mill. This is the only mill of the kind now in operation in the county; and in years gone by, when farmers made most of their own garments, it was ran night and day.

Pleasant Valley adjoins Balesville, and is the name of the post-office. The population of the two combined is about fifty.

The old blacksmith’s shop is now no longer used. The old grist-mill, burnt down two or three years ago, has been rebuilt, and is now used as a saw-mill and turning establishment. The water-power is good. About twenty-four or twenty-five years ago a Christian Church was erected here. The first pastor was Rev. Alva Hermans. It has always had a good attendance, and has for its present pastor the Rev. George Searles.

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