Business Houses of Cape Vincent, New York
From: Cape Vincent and Its History
Compiled by Nelie Horton Casler
Hungerford - Wolbrook Co.
Watertown, NY 1906

Business Houses of Cape Vincent.

The manufacturing of lumber, the cutting of ice, seed and hay raising furnish the principal industries. The plant of the Pentecost Lumber Company was installed in 1903, with Mr. B. L. Taylor President, Mr. J. B. Taylor Vice-president, and Mr. H. E. Ayres Secretary and Treasurer. The offices are in Watertown, N. Y. This company owns one hundred and eighty square miles of timber land at Pentecost, Quebec. The timber is converted into pulp wood, brought here by boat and re-shipped by rail to various paper mills throughout the state. Mr. W. F. Gilchreise is the manager and Mr. B. F. Willoughby the assistant manager.

The Cape Vincent Seed Company are the manufacturers of HU split peas. The business is owned by Mr. E. N. Jackson of New York, and Mr. Harry Walker is the resident manager.

The Cleveland Seed Company was organized in 1879, and since that time have carried on an extensive business in peas, beans, and other small garden seeds. Mr. S. M. Pease, President, and Mr. H. H. Pease, Treasurer, reside in Avon, N. Y. Mr. Harold Blum is the resident manager.

The St. Lawrence River Ice Company is managed by Mr. W. A. Casler. This company furnish the N. Y. C. Railroad with ice. The plant has a capacity of loading one hundred cars daily.

A. Booth and Company succeeded the Lake Ontario Fish Company, and do an extensive business under the management of Mr. John R. Kilborn. In this companyís office are employed Miss Margaret White, Messrs. F. R. and A. C. Gardner.

Mr. J. A. Scobell does an extensive business in lumber, hay and grain, assisted by Mr. A. W. Scobell.

The first telegraph line was built here in 1856. This was soon abandoned, and in 1864 another line was built. This line was sold to the Provincial Telegraph Company. The Dominion Telegraph Company bought this line and changed the name some years since to its present one of the Great Northwestern Telegraph Company of Canada. Mr. Kenneth F. Rice is the manager.

The long distance service of the Bell Telephone Company is under the management of Mr. J. H. Grappotte, who owns the lines operated in the village. He is now engaged in installing a system throughout the town.

The banking business was first carried on by Mr. Otis P. Starkey, who was succeeded by L. S. Hammond. This bank yielded to the panic of 1873. The Bank of Cape Vincent is now carried on by Mr. Sidney S. Block, Cashier, and Mr. L O. Woodruff, President.

General stores are Burdick and Armstrongís, Parker Brothers.

The grocery stores are W. H. Grantís, Fitzgerald and Bowe, M. S. Cornairís, J. C. Gregorís, P. Garlachís, William Anthonyís, Richard Keslerís.

Mr. F. N. Potter represents Thaiheimer and Co., of Syracuse.

The drug stores are kept by L. O. Woodruff and H. S. Spafford.

The bakery is owned by Thomas Holland.

The painting and wall paper business is carried on by G. H. Glenn, Wm. Stanley and Alex Pigdeon.

The stationery and book stores are owned by W. D. Laird, R. J. J. Newman.

The undertakers are C. C. Roseboom and C. W. Londraville.

Clothing stores are owned by John F. Constance and Julius Rothstein.

Insurance is done by S. S. Block and E. C. Kelsey.

Lawyers are M. E. Lee, Fred Stowell, James Parker and J. W. Cornair.

Physicians are Thomas Masson, H. G. Dawson, E. M. Crabb, H. H. Smith, H. N. Bushnell.

Dentists are G. A. Potter and S. W. Gordan.

Jewelry repairing is done by George Cross.

Barber shops are kept by Dayton Bailey, C. W. Londravile.

Coal and wood are sold by Richard and James Davis.

Millinery is done by Mrs. E. K. Sheley and Mrs. A. Johnson.

Hardware stores are owned by M. Hartness, J. G. Roseboom and Truell Bros.

Harnesses are sold by Thomas Daly and James Augustus.

Blacksmiths are George Kelley and Sons, A. Charles and Raymond & Stratford.

Monuments are furnished by S. K. Ainsworth.

Meat markets are kept by Harry Morrison, P. H. Dunning, Fitzgerald and Bowe.

The Watertown Dry-Goods store has for its resident manager, W. H. Johnson.

Boat building is done by L. L. Peo and W. C. Wills.

Hay-dealers are the Constance Brothers, Parker Brothers, William Webber and Frank Dezengremel.

The photographer is James E. Stanley. The illustrations in this book are from his studio.

The St. Lawrence River guides are W. E. Stanley, Roy Stanley, Alexander Pigdon, William McKinley, Antoine Seymour, John Fisher, Joseph Strong, William Raymond, Romain Winborne, George Clark, Ren and Wilfred Dodge and W. S. Clark.

The American Express Company had for its first agent W. B. Buckley, who was succeeded by A. D. Best. The present agent is William S. Byrnes. The clerks are Riley Kuborn and George Radley.

The livery stables are kept by Fred Kessler, and by Christopher Clark and Son, who have carried on an extensive and first class business for many years.

The draymen are Giles Kilborn and W. F. Bailey.

Tailoring is done by Patrick Waishe.

Dress-making is done by Miss Minnie Whittemore, Miss Helena Nicholson and Miss Kate B. Walshe.

Boarding houses are kept by Mrs. Sturnff, Mrs. McKinley, Miss Dunning and H. H. Fish.

The postmaster is F. J. Shafer, assistants Misses Etta and Maud Woolever.

A system of water works was installed in 1895, and the electric light system completed in May, 1903. W. S. Parker, S. S. Block, J. R, Kilborn, Commissioners.

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